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Sideproject: 51attack.com Facebook Ads Take 2

Not having to much experience with Facebook ads, specially ads for consumer products, I gave it a shot. My first attempt didn’t really work that great. I think my targeting was to broad and didn’t really take the user to a main product, I was taking them to my homepage. Bad choice. Today one web […]

How to Pick a Reliable WordPress Theme

4 Steps on How to Pick a Reliable WordPress Theme

When starting a new project, I can’t help shopping for new themes. There are some themes I enjoy working with but am always on the hunt for the best theme for the job. Buying themes blindly lead you to be burned and gets you a theme that is a pain in the a$$. Here is […]

TacticsBlog Side Project 51attack.com

Sideproject: 51attack.com Relaunch

Fall of 2013 is when I really started getting into the blockchain space. You know the story: “I knew about Bitcoin when it was a $7 (or less) and didn’t believe it was a thing then” However when the price started increasing and crashing. It started peaking my interest. I found the place to hang […]