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Many authors tend to focus on strategies instead of tactics. We need to define what strategies are and how they compare to tactics.

Strategies: Long term, Big Picture, Planning

Tactics: Getting things done, Smaller chunks, How to, Short Time Span

For many years I learned by doing. Following tutorials, experimenting, taking on jobs for projects I had no idea how to finish them. Doing all these projects allowed me to learn by the seat of my pants. When someone paid me to get something done, that was enough motivation to search on how to get it done.

I would not recommend taking on a job that is way over you head, say for example Brain Surgery! You may want to go to school before attempting to do any of that.

In business and life there are no manuals, but there are shortcuts. The best shortcuts are found by people with years experience. It’s those nuggets of experience that we are after here at the TacticsBlog. Its those little actions that make a difference. Its those checklists, those insights that allow you to achieve more very quickly. These small actions create a snowball effect, which leads to your success.

Disclaimer, it has taken me many years, many failures to figure things out. Shortcuts are never the FULL remedy, even applying some the tactics on this site will certainly lead to failure. You may ask yourself, “how did it work for you and not for me?” Well like many of us, sometimes you lose sight on what was learned or insight gained right before we figured things out. We sometimes assume that everyone knows a certain aspect. For example, setting up a domain and pointing DNS, is very straight forward to  me but for others could be daunting. My promise is to work backwards and find the genesis of the tactic. I may not get to the root every time, so please make sure you provide me feedback.

If something does not work. Please share it with us. We want to build a community of people offering solutions, finding new paths to success.