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Sideproject: 51attack.com Facebook Ads Take 2

Not having to much experience with Facebook ads, specially ads for consumer products, I gave it a shot.

My first attempt didn’t really work that great.

I think my targeting was to broad and didn’t really take the user to a main product, I was taking them to my homepage.

Bad choice.

51Attack Carousel Ad

Today one web and entrepreneurial buddy’s sat with me for lunch. We decided to meet at least once a month to discuss our side projects.

Specifically what is working, what is not working and discuss ideas we may be to blind to see on our own projects. Maybe someday he will write for this blog as well. 🙂

He has been handling advertisement on Facebook and Google for some clients and gave me some changes to implement to see what happens.

Experiment Control Setup

  1. Start with a small, one week budget of $25 dollars.
    1. In my previous campaign I tried a 2 week, $75 budget. Got clicks but no conversion.
  2. Try using the actual price of the product in the title.
  3. Include FREE Shipping.
    1. I don’t have a great margin and was considering lowering the cost of my products. Thinking my pricing was the problem with conversion. So offering free shipping on US orders equates to about the same if I would have cut the pricing.
  4. Use the full image ad, instead of the Carousel.

My other changes.

  1. Use an image of the shirt and not of a model wearing the shirt.
  2. I am going to upload a variation of the shirt to show it in a non cropped form.
  3. I used targeting that encompasses my target market’s niche interest.
  4. I narrowed the market by also making sure the user hat at least one behavior, Men’s fashion and apparel buyers. Hopefully this means any buyer, not just buyers for department stores.. mm, let me look that up!

Set the timer

I will come back and post my two week stats and report my baseline metrics.

  1. Impressions
  2. Clicks
  3. and if I get any sales


I will then tweak one item, and test again. I know I am going to lose money, but I need to see what works for my market.

Wish me luck!

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